Deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Department Zheng Rongfu to

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On June 12, 2014, vice secretary of Party members, Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Fujian Zheng Rongfu to Shaowu keta high purity graphite research limited. North Fujian Province Geological Brigade, accompanied by Chen Guojian.

Zheng deputy director of in-depth workshop to understand the high pure graphite production process, and listened to the leaves of Houli general manager of the company's current production and operation status, two technical progress and future work plan report, three points stressed: one is to regulate internal management, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, employees' income and do the return match; two is to develop foreign market, ensure the product occupies the leading position in the market; regular visits to new and old customers, understand their needs; the three is to have social responsibility, strengthen the maintenance and management of environmental protection facilities, to ensure the long-term and stable discharge of various pollutants.