Chen Guojian captain graphite company to check the implementation of the security month to carry out

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In order to effectively implement the "strengthening the safety production safety law," the Fourteenth National "safety production month" and the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of eighth "6.6" Safety Month activities, June 9, 2015, North Fujian Province Geological Brigade captain Chen Guojian led into graphite company to implement the safety production work arrangement.

Captain Chen asked the company team should attach great importance to safety management, implement the responsibility for production safety, strengthen the safety education, and further strengthen the "safety first, prevention, comprehensive treatment" principle, improve the safety awareness of the red line, the safety of employees of highly responsible, the safety measures implemented. Stressed the need to combine the actual serious organization, to carry out a good safety month activities, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents, to provide security for the company's economic development.