The director of Geology and mineral resources in-depth keta graphite company to carry out "thre

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In August 13, 2015, the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Party Secretary Shao Xu rate team Shao Wuketa in Northern Fujian Province deep condolences group company staff condolences graphite production line, sent to cool Jieshu condolences items and condolences to kim. Director of the office of Fujian Province and bureau of investigation team leaders accompanied by sympathy.

Condolences to the group to do an in-depth understanding of the high pure graphite production workshop production process, listen to the company's current production status, two technical achievements and future work plan report, director Shao makes three important instructions: one is to open up the market, the use of the fair, the Internet and other means, to broaden the field of products; the two is to develop new products, find out the market demand, increase cooperation with scientific research institutions to continuously develop new products; the three is to Caution! Production, pay attention to environmental protection, to have a social responsibility, strengthen the maintenance and management of environmental protection facilities, to ensure the long-term and stable discharge of various pollutants. (He Zongjun)