Deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources in-depth research to guide

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On August 27, 2015, vice secretary of Party members, the Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral Zheng Rongfu deep into Fujian Shaowu keta high pure graphite Co., the Bureau of investigation, accompanied by leadership and the research team captain Chen Guojian.

Zheng, deputy director of the production and operation of the company focus on understanding the situation and the company "13th Five-Year" development ideas, technical inputs and two acid purification technology before and after changes in the cost of renovation work, the company affirmed. At the same time, put forward three requirements for the future development direction of the company: one is the introduction of a variety of professional and technical personnel, strengthen internal management, increase new product development efforts, broaden the field of products; the two is to strengthen the study and Analysis on product sales market; the three is to strengthen the capital operation. (Fu Tianxiong, He Zongjun)